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Mon 29.8.

‘L5’ Bench by Collaboration (CA)

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'L5' Bench by Collaboration

Collaboration, a Canadian practice established by a Louvre-trained sculptor Marie Khouri and a landscape designer Dave Demers, is exactly what is says on the tin – a ‘fertile if unlikely mélange that results in original and charismatic products marrying seamlessly matters of form and function’ and the ‘L5’ Bench captures the very essence of this creative fusion. (more…)

Viteo Cementum Bloc bench consisting of two modules

Cementum Bloc is part of viteo’s Cementum Collection, which was devised in collaboration with Austrian designer Gerd Rosenauer and manufacturer Concreto, who is responsible for the high quality of the outdoor-proof products. Apart from the featured bench, the collection includes tables with and without a fireplace, as well as sunshade stands. The modular system is fabricated in light-grey concrete and allows the user to create sculptural forms. One module weighs 93 kg and measures 116 x 58 x 32 cm.

Viteo Cementum Bloc module

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