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Tue 8.3.

Frederiksvej Kindergarten by COBE Copenhagen (DK)

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Frederiksvej Kindergarten by COBE Copenhagen, photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

Frederiksvej Kindergarten by COBE Copenhagen, photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

The kindergarten aims to create a small village setting for children that breaks away from the traditional, large scale institutional daycare environment. The small scale village atmosphere at Frederiksvej Kindergarten is achieved by dividing the building into 11 small houses joint together with different orientation. The various play programs in the kindergarten are centered around two winter gardens that resulted in these small, individualized spaces where children can establish their own play niches within the building. (text by COBE Copenhagen)


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Taastrup Theatre by COBE Copenhagen

The Danish architectural practice COBE recently unveiled this extension of the 1970s local community theatre, situated in a social housing neighborhood of Taastrup closed to Copenhagen. First the architects were commissioned to improve the energy consumption of the building but they used this opportunity to improve the general appeal and functionality of the building by introducing a second (isolating) theatre curtain around the rough concrete structure.