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'Arc' mirror by Visibility

‘Arc’ mirror by Visibility

New York City based Visibility, designers Sina Sohrab and Joseph Guerra, presented a series of products exploring the intersection of beauty and usefulness in the home at the Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition during NYCxDESIGN 2014.



'Kyudo' coat stand by Francisco Gomez Paz for Danese Milano

‘Kyudo’ coat stand by Francisco Gomez Paz for Danese Milano

The energy and tension found in bows is put to service in ‘Kyudo’, a lightweight, collapsible coat stand by Francisco Gomez Paz.



'Charles' coat hook by Nikolas Kerl Product Design

‘Charles’ coat hook by Nikolas Kerl Product Design

Untreated ash and polished marble are used to surprising effect in the simple shape of ‘Charles’, a coat hook sporting a complex stone pattern formed by nature.



‘Tati’ coat rack by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Asplund

A new addition to the reduced yet playful, award-winning ‘Tati’ range, this simple steel, brass-and-marble coat rack has been put into production by the Swedish manufacturer Asplund earlier this year. Designed by the Stockholm-based design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle, the hanger has already been awarded the prestigious ‘Furniture of the Year’ title by the Swedish design magazine Sköna Hem and it is a part of a ‘Tati’ collection of furniture and home accessory pieces which include several side/coffee table designs and a floor and wall mirrors. The coat rack is available in two different sizes and variety of vibrant colours such as; anthracite, white, violet, olive, nougat, deep blue and orange. (more…)

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‘Milky Star’ coatrack by Pudelskern (AT)

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the nearly-invisible hooks of the 'Milky Star' coatrack; photo by Markus Bstieler

Never the ones to follow the traditional canons of industrial design (soap table, anyone?) the young Austrian practice Pudelskern (whose name refers to a quote from Goethe‘s Faust: ‘Das also war des Pudels Kern!’ – a metaphor meaning ‘to find the core of a thing – the gist of the matter.’ ) have devised this ingenious ceramic coatrack called ‘Milky Star’. (more…)

'Knob' by Patrik Hansson Karl Andersson

One particular hobbyhorse of the Swedish manufacturer Karl Andersson are simple and space-saving hallway accessories. At this year’s Stockholm Furnture Fair they presented two new lines designed by Patrik Hansson and Elin Lundmark. ‘Knob’ is nothing more than a turned coat hook in solid wood which works both on its own and grouped together, either in vertical or horizontal rows, or in combination with additional accessories, such as a mirror or a coat rack.


'Twist' by Robert Bronwasser for Cascando

‘Twist’ designed by Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL Design Studio is one of the various new hallstands by the Dutch manufacturer Cascando. It can be assembled in two different ways whereby the connecting, solid disc forms either a hat rack or a stabilising base.


The Dutch designer Ineke Hans presented the new coat stand ‘Corner Guy’ for the Dutch manufacturer van Esch and decorative acoustic panels for the Swedish manufacturer Offecct. We had the chance to get some personal explanations from her about these works. Enjoy!

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Orgatec 2010: Video interview with Ineke Hans for van Esch (NL) and Offecct (SE)