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Wed 15.6.

Caimi Brevetti at XXI Triennale

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“Snowsound by Caimi. Design as you never heard it”.

“Snowsound by Caimi. Design as you never heard it”, photo: Raoul Iacometti, Interno20

Caimi Brevetti, founded in 1949, has built its identity relying on research and design. Ten years after the big exhibition “Today is already tomorrow”, Caimi Brevetti is back in Triennale. The company, one of the main manufacturers in the furniture and furniture complements markets, presents at the 21st Triennale in Milano the show “Snowsound by Caimi. Design as you never heard it” with main topic the sound and the importance of a correct acoustic design in public and domestic spaces.


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Kaleidos by Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu for Caimi Brevetti

Kaleidos by Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu for Caimi Brevetti

Kaleidos is the result of a design idea from Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu, supported by the use of state-of-the-art moulding technologies and techniques now used by Italian manufacturer Caimi Brevetti, and used for the first time in the ‘seat universe’. The three- dimensional texture of Kaleidos smoothly wraps the whole seat without interrupting continuity: this characteristic quality is a technique of genius and is particularly beautiful at the rounded edges, which are completely finished along the whole perimeter. The transparent seats are characterised by three-dimensional reflections and transparencies that change discreetly according to light, shadows and point of observation. The white and black seats have a particularly smooth surface finish with silk or wool effect enhanced by the bending shape. The copolymer used to make the seat of Kaleidos has a high mechanical performance and a particular flexibility which is emphasised by the ergonomic wraparound shape of the seat.

The 4-legged frame can be easily stacked.

The 4-legged frame can be easily stacked.

The materials together with the design make this chair particularly comfortable. Kaleidos has pure lines, enriched by the very special finishing of the seat surface, which offers three-dimensional optical effects and pleasing reflections; the unusual the unusual texture confers a totally new and pleasant tactile effect. For the seat, consisting of just one piece, a 100% recyclable copolymer with good resistance to chemical agents and pleasing optical qualities was selected, and is available in transparent finish with three-dimensional effect, black with silk effect, or white with wool effect.


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