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"Inspired by parasites which slip beneath the skin" - finger ring made from wire and porcelain, by Kathy Ludwig

With her highly conceptual graduation project the German born and Eindhoven based designer Kathy Ludwig blends decorative and pleasant aspects of classical jewellery with emotional, even nauseous, perceptions towards parasitic insects, funguses etc. Her organic body decorations are now in production by the Paris based Galerie BSL in a limited edition of 8.


'Hadar' by Cyril Afsa

The French designer Cyril Afsa realised this impressing table lamp for Specimen Edition and BSL Galerie in Paris. The geometric pattern was inspired by “muqarnas”, artificial stalactites known from traditional arabic architecture. Due to the three-dimensional structure – made of 3D printing – the light of the fluorescent tube is diffused to a sophisticated pattern of light.


'Lightweight Porcelain' by Djim Berger

For its today’s opening the Paris based Galerie BSL showcases some remarkable works of promising designers and artists. Djim Berger will present his ‘Lightweight Porcelain’ stool which is made from a mix of 1/3 clay and 2/3 polystyrene pearls. When the piece is fired, the heat eliminates the polystyrene to reveal the porcelain, which is visually and sensually renewed. This principle creates high static stability with a material that is rather known for its fineness – qualities much sought after in innovative furniture design.

'Lightweight Porcelain' by Djim Berger

The exhibition will be open from 7 May – 24 July 2010.

BSL gallery interior architecture by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

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