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SG67 handheld vacuum cleaner by Stefano Giovannoni für Alessi

In the past electrical kitchen appliances were a treasured status symbol for the modern household and a symbol of progress. Nowadays, however, they are not particularly valued as gifts in that electronic kitchen products have become cheap mass-produced articles, a development which is generally also reflected in their design. In design-conscious households we therefore tend to find retro design, vintage products or functionally designed professional equipment for the catering industry.
However, where are the household appliances of today which will blend in with a modern design kitchen? We’ve been doing some research for you and have found them….


Dieter Rams, T 1000 World Radio, 1963; photo Koichi Okuwaki

During his much-esteemed, four-decades-long career at Braun, Dieter Rams created some of the most iconic, instantly-recognisable products while his famous ‘less but better’ philosophy laid the foundation and drew attention to subjects such as sustainability and design ethics. Now, to celebrate Rams’ profound contribution to contemporary design, SFMOMA presents an exhibition dedicated to work of the acclaimed German designer. (more…)

‘Sparc MGS’ watch designed by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Ventura

There’s no watch like the Swiss watch and Zürich-based design practice Studio Hannes Wettstein proved that in the ticking world of timepiece design, the Swiss continue to lead the way with their skill for combining understated, timeless design with sophisticated engineering and functionalism. (more…)

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