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'Aurelia' lamp by Bina Baitel, photo by Kleinefenn, courtesy of NextLevel Galerie

With her award-winning project ‘Pull-Over’, realised with the support of VIA (Promotion of Innovation in Furniture) in 2008, the Israel designer Bina Baitel presented a higly inventive floorlamp which is characterised by a luminous skin made from micro-perforated optical fibers connected to LEDs, passing through a layer of translucent silicone. The flexible skin can be unrolled over and over again through a simple movement in order to vary the light atmosphere.

The NextLevel Galerie in Paris dedicated its current exhibition to Bina Baitel’s work. The gallery is producing ‘Pull-Over’ lamp as well as Bina Baitel’s new Skins collection in limited edition. The exhibition runs from 16 September until 6 November, 2010.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Under my Skin’: Bina Baitel’s exhibition at NextLevel Galerie in Paris