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Tue 9.1.

Holiday House F At Garda Lake by bergmeisterwol

Posted by Walter Phillips on 09.01.2018 - Tagged as:

Holiday House F At Garda Lake by bergmeisterwol

Photographer: Gustav Willeit

The existing building, the extension and the garden come together as one. Vertical sliding windows can be moved downward and disappear, transforming intimate into wide open spaces. A canopy becomes a house and then a canopy again. A terrace on the canopy can be reached through an outdoor stairway connecting the existing structure to the garden. Dyed concrete surfaces build a complementary relationship with the existing plastered stone fa├žade. The extension drifts away from the existing building and comes to light through some interstitial spaces. The pool is located in the garden, between a lemon orchard and 100-year-old palm trees. (more…)