August 2020

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'Divan' by Riccardo Arbizzoni for Riva 1920

‘Tra le Briccole di Venezia’ is a project initiated by the Italian manufacturer for high class solid wood furniture Riva 1920. 29 important figures in the world of design, of art and of fashion were invited to process an object that is an iconic part of the Venetian scene: the Briccole, the oak mooring posts that rise out of the lagoon. Eroded by the tides, the posts are given new life in the projects of these designers and transformed into objects of art and usage.


Mon 30.8.

Carbon-fibre seats by Peter Donders (BE)

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'C-Bench' by Peter Donders

The Belgian designer Peter Donders developed these ultra-light seating furniture made from 462 m (pouf) and 320 m (bench) of carbon-fibre under his label morphs. The single string of fibre was twisted around a form that was removed afterwards.

“The resulting structure is airy yet incredibly strong and has been aptly described as ”caligraphy in 3d”. Currently the ultimate material available in terms of weight to strength ratio, carbon fiber is used to produce Formula One racecars, the highest quality sporting equipment, and even the chassis of spacecrafts. This exceptional piece will be offered in a limited edition of 10 pieces.”


Mon 23.8.

Stool-bench by Fehling & Peiz (DE)

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Stool-bench, black by Fehling & Peiz

This playful composition of upholstered stools which merge into a seemingly randomly structured bench is the latest creation of the German design duo Fehling & Peiz. The project is produced as a limited edition for KKAARRLLS – a collection of outstanding projects of students from HfG Karlsruhe.


'Series One': Another Country's first collection: coffee table, stool, kids' stool, kids' step

On the occasion of this year’s London Design Week, the new British manufacturer Another Country will launch its first collection of contemporary craft furniture. Owned by Paul de Zwart, the founding publisher of Wallpaper* magazine, Another Country focuses on archetypal design quality, using familiar and unpretentious forms of traditional woodwork.


'Mushroom' stool by Cilicon Faytory

The Singapore based design studio Cilicon Faytory realised these series of in- and outdoor furniture. ‘Coner’ consists of differently shaped stools, benches and tables made from light weight concrete which allows different colours to be applied. Due to a special sealing the furniture is virtually free of maintenance.


Fri 16.7.

‘Stillives’ by Fehling & Peiz (DE)

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'Stillives' by Fehling & Peiz, photo by Frederik Busch

What can I say? These ironic, pretty macabre but beautifully worked chesterfield sculptures don’t need many explanations.

After they both graduated from design school (HfG) in Karlsruhe in 2005 Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz opened their studio Fehling & Peiz and established themselves as one of Germany’s most perceived conceptual designers.


'Bench between pillars' by Ryuji Nakamura Architects

The Tokyo based practice Ryuji Nakamura Architects realised this minimal seating area for the Ikebukuro Seibu Department Stores. A wide ribbon made from vinyl sheet is – like a hammock – regularly suspended from the ceiling.


Tue 6.7.

‘Croquet’ by WIS Design (SE)

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'Croquet' by WIS Design

The young Swedish practice WIS Design created this new series of seating furniture consisting of a bench, a stool and a barstool. All pieces are based on the same components: wooden sticks of different length and connecting knots made from painted metal-tubes. ‘Croquet’ is easy to assemble without any additional tools.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Croquet’ by WIS Design (SE)