July 2020

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Kitzbühel Mansion by splendid architecture; photo by Ralf Buscher

Developed to reflect the local landscape and architecture, this striking 530-square-meters detached villa was realised by a Hamburg-based practice, splendid architecture. Clad with recycled Tyrolean wood planks, the two-storey residency is located in the renowned Austrian ski resort, Kitzbühel. (more…)

'Holo' pendant lamp by Patrycja Domanska; photo by Paris Tsitsos

A young Polish-born Vienna-based designer Patrycja Domanska has recently created this simple metal pendant lamp whose colour changes once the design heats up. Made of spun aluminium, ‘Holo’ is coated with a special thermochromic paint which fades from vivid turquoise to white when the lamp reaches 31 〫C (as seen in the video below). The design will be presented at Designersblock Milan 2012 which will take place as part of MOST during this year’s Salone del Mobile. (more…)

The River - Jõekaare Residential Tower; photo © Lukas Schaller

An Austrian architectural practice Atelier Thomas Pucher has completed first our of nine buildings from the Jõekaare Residential District project which, when completed in 2014, will include a total of nine buildings with 440 apartments intended for some 1000 inhabitants. Located near the Estonian Emajõgi river, the multi-storey building has been designed to offer it’s residents unobstructed views of a natural reserve situated on the opposite bank of the river. (more…)

La Ronde: A New Path to the Castello di Rivoli by Hubmann Vass

Located less than 20 kilometers outside Turin, Castello di Rivoli is a home to an internationally renowned museum of contemporary art. Now, to create a closer link between the city and the castle, Erich Hubmann and Andreas Vass, the architects behind Vienna-based practice Hubmann Vass have redesigned the path to this monumental 18 century building designed by the Italian Baroque architect Filippo Juvarra. (more…)

Tue 21.2.

Borg + Nms Deutsch-Wagram school by Franz Architekten (AT)

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Borg + Nms Deutsch-Wagram school by Franz Architekten; photo by Lisa Rast

Following yesterday’s post about the elementary school located in Sichuan province, China, with today’s featured project we come back closer to home, more specifically, to Austria. Located 15 km northeast of Vienna, in Deutsch-Wagram, this 7.523-square-meters development has been completed in September 2011 and has since been a new home to two types of secondary schools: ‘Hauptschule’ and an upper secondary school with focus on natural sciences and mathematics ‘Realgymnasium.’ (more…)

Fri 6.1.

NIK office building by Atelier Thomas Pucher (AT)

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NIK office building by Atelier Thomas Pucher; photo by Andreas Buchberger

Reminiscent of a supersized, three-dimensional chessboard, this eye-catching five-storey office building has been completed by the Austrian practice Atelier Thomas Pucher in collaboration with Bramberger architects. Realised in 2010 to house offices of a branding agency, the €1-million development is located in Austria’s second largest city of Graz, on the banks of the river Mur. (more…)

Thanks to Zumtobel Architonic is giving away this striking LQ chandelier

Thanks to our friends at Zumtobel, Architonic is giving away this chrome-plated ‘LQ’ chandelier by Hani Rashid. If you’d like to get your hands on this striking light, all you need to do is follow this link and fill in your details. Good luck!



Thu 29.9.

‘Milky Star’ coatrack by Pudelskern (AT)

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the nearly-invisible hooks of the 'Milky Star' coatrack; photo by Markus Bstieler

Never the ones to follow the traditional canons of industrial design (soap table, anyone?) the young Austrian practice Pudelskern (whose name refers to a quote from Goethe‘s Faust: ‘Das also war des Pudels Kern!’ – a metaphor meaning ‘to find the core of a thing – the gist of the matter.’ ) have devised this ingenious ceramic coatrack called ‘Milky Star’. (more…)

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Milky Star’ coatrack by Pudelskern (AT)