July 2020

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The original booklet with the 1939 'LK' model; image courtesy of Rosendahl

The long-forgotten table watch created by the one of the most influential Danish architects and designers of the 20th century Arne Jacobsen, has been recently revisited and rereleased by the Copenhagen-based timepiece specialists Rosendahl. First created in 1939 – ‘in connection with the construction of a building for the managing director of electrical goods manufacturer Lauritz Knudsen’ – the suitably modern, minimalist watch was inspired by the moulding qualities of the new wonder material of that time, plastic and its 2011 edition comprises five updated versions – including the original ‘LK’ model (seen above). (more…)

With his documentary about the Berlin Hansaviertel the young Berlin-based film-maker Marian Engler created a chronicle piece about an example of successful and forward-looking architecture in post-war Germany. The film consists of impressive views of houses by Oscar Niemeyer, Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto and others. With interviews of time-wittnesses of the 50’s as well as young residents of the Hansaviertel and architects, among them Oscar Niemeyer himself, Marian Engel tries to figure out if the concept of the ‘city of tomorrow’ works, after all. The film is in German language with English subtitles.

Apartment building by Egon Eiermann, Hansa quater Berlin

Apartment building by Egon Eiermann, Hansa quater Berlin

Here the synopsis:

In 1957 the first International Construction Exhibition after the war took place in Berlin.

At the „Interbau’57“ 64 world famous architects of the classical modernism came together to realise their vision of a „city of tomorrow“. Under them visionists like Le Corbusier, Oskar Niemeyer, Walter Gropius and Arne Jacobsen.

They did not only want to provide new flats for the bombed out residents. With their plan of a green city-landscape they wanted to create a peaceful and democratic society.

The documentary shows the beginning and the history of the Hansaviertel. It is dedicated to the people who live there today and asks for the success of an international praised role model for town construction. But can you find the high ideological requirements of progress, democracy and freedom in the heads of the people who live there today?

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