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Studio Hannes Wettstein watches for Ventura, Braun and Nomos Glashütte (CH)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 04.05.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

‘Sparc MGS’ watch designed by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Ventura

There’s no watch like the Swiss watch and Zürich-based design practice Studio Hannes Wettstein proved that in the ticking world of timepiece design, the Swiss continue to lead the way with their skill for combining understated, timeless design with sophisticated engineering and functionalism.

Earlier this year at Baselworld, show which celebrates the best of watchmaking and jewellery design, Studio Hannes Wettstein presented a series of brand new designs and updated models of their previous creations for three leading manufacturers: Ventura, Braun and Nomos Glashütte.

‘Sparc MGS’ watch designed by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Ventura

Continuing the long-standing collaboration with Ventura, Studio Hannes Wettstein unveiled their ‘Sparc MGS’ and ‘v-tec Alpha II’ designs, both of which are modernised versions of studio’s previous creations for Ventura. Moving away from traditional mechanical chronometers, ‘Sparc MGS’ is among world’s first automatically-driven watches thanks to its pioneering ‘reversed micro-generator system (MGS)’ which is powered by wrist movement of the wearer. Considering the high cost of ‘MGS’, studio’s second design for Ventura, ‘v-tec Alpha II’, is battery operated while the streamlined design and multiple features of the watch follow those of ‘Sparc MGS’.

‘v-tec Alpha II’ watch designed by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Ventura

For the celebrated German brand Nomos Glashütte, Studio Hannes Wettstein designed what according to the manufacturer is its ‘most precious’ watch – ‘Zürich Worldwide’. Featuring galvanised, white silver-plated dial with world time and 24-hour indicator, the chronometer is a tribute to the city of the same name.

‘Zürich Worldwide’ watch by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Nomos Glashütte

A collaborative project of Studio Hannes Wettstein, Ventura and German manufacturer Braun, the ‘BRAUN Matrix’ watch features a distinctive ‘Easy Scroll’ operating system invented by Ventura. The futuristic-looking, pared-down design is available in variety of finishes and the timepiece itself is part of Braun’s new watch collection celebrating brand’s 90th anniversary.

‘Matrix’ watch by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Braun

‘Matrix’ watch by Studio Hannes Wettstein for Braun


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