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Thu 10.2.

‘Spook’ by Iskos – Berlin for Blå Station (SE) at Stockholm Furniture Fair

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"Let the materials behave as they want": 'Spook' by Iskos - Berlin for Blå Station

The newly founded designer duo Iskos – Berlin, consisting of the Danish designers Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos, realised this armchair for the Swedish manufacturer Blå Station. We all remember the neat ‘Nobody’ chair Boris Berlin / Komplot created for HAY. ‘Spook’ is made with the use of the same material and technique – moulded polyester felt – characterised by a completely different approach, though.

'Spook' by Iskos - Berlin for Blå Station

“Design is normally preoccupied with the idea of having full control over functions, forms, materials etc. This striving to control your surroundiungs is probably a typical trait of western culture, encapsulating both its strength and its downfall. But why not be more forgiving and let materials bahave as they “want” to behave according to their nature?” the designers explain. “For the ‘Nobody’ we reserached three years to get control over the material, since then I always wanted to leave this “masculine” approach. The foldings that occur on ‘Spook’ is the natural, unpredictable behaviour of the material, while pressing it into the mould. On the other hand they give stabilty to the entire structure”, Boris Berlin adds.

'Spook' by Iskos - Berlin for Blå Station

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