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Tue 12.7.

‘Simplissimo’ collection by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset (FR)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 12.07.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

'Simplissimo' collection by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset

The Parisian Pritzker-prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel has designed this ‘fitness-inspired’ series of smart, minimalist furniture for the renowned French manufacturer Ligne Roset. Aptly called ‘Simplissimo’, the pared-down collection consists of banquette, chaise longue, fireside chair, footstool and bench, all of which are made of soft, black upholstery, which ‘hugs the curves of the metal structure and deliberately allows gathers in the four corners, which contribute to the overall aesthetic of the model.’

'Simplissimo' banquette by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset

From Jean Nouvel:


‘I like simple objects, produced in a natural way, with a little wood, foam and plastic. This is a direct aesthetic, which goes straight to the point, inspired by ‘fitness’. This faux banality renders such objects moving. Different and similar, like the members of a family which will grow and take on colour over the generations.’

'Simplissimo' bench by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset

From the manufacturer:


‘Viewed in profile, the Simplissimo fireside chair seems to have been designed with two strokes of a pen: one for the base, a 3-segment broken line which gives its ergonomic slope to the seat-back assembly, itself a 2-segment broken line.’

'Simplissimo' chair and footstool by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset

'Simplissimo' fireside chair by Jean Nouvel for Ligne Roset

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