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Thu 22.12.

Shadow Casting: three new installations by Drzach & Suchy (CH)

Posted by Susanne Fritz on 22.12.2011 - Tagged as: , ,

The threedimensional object called 'shadow cloud' projects a shadow of multiple images by changing the angle of the light which falls on the 'shadow cloud'; Photo © Drzach & Suchy

To the permanent exhibition of Science Museum ‘Technorama’ in Winterthur, three new stunning installations by the Basel-based artists Drzach&Suchy have been added.

Shadow Casting Panels (SCP) is a novel technique for storing and presenting multiple images using one physical object, so that separate images become visible under varying illumination.


It was invented by Drzach in 2004 (patent pending), and then developed further by Drzach & Suchy. The further development of shadow casting panels led to shadow clouds, which are three-dimensional object, consisting of multiple shadow-casting elements semi-randomly arranged in three dimensions in such a way, that depending on the direction of illumination the overall shadow of the cloud displays various images encoded in it.


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Swiss Science Center Technorama

Monday till Friday from 9 a.m. – noon and 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Technoramastrasse 1

8404 Winterthur


+41 (0)52 244 08 44

"Time" in 3 different positions; Photo © Drzach&Suchy

"Time" in 3 different positions; Photo © Drzach&Suchy

"Time" in 3 different positions; Photo © Drzach&Suchy

Detail of a shadow castin panel; Photo © Drzach & Suchy


Tik-Tak is a shadow casting panel made of water-jet cut Forex, manually assembled size: 70 x 126 px, 4962 individual pixel-plates, disc diameter: 180 cm, total height: 455 cm; Photo © Technorama Winterthur

'Time' is a shadow cloud projection; technique: shadow cloud produced via SLS 3d-print size: 3 images, each 74 x 74 px, ball of diameter 36.7cm; Photo © Technorama Winterthur