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Fri 1.4.

Milan Preview 2011: ‘Roofer’ pendant lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian (IT)

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 01.04.2011 - Tagged as: , , , ,

'Roofer' pendant lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian (IT)

Usually it involves a good few years of apprenticeship before you can start playing around with roof styles. Luckily, British designer Benjamin Hubert has scaled things a touch with this new ‘Roofer’ pendant lamp for Italian manufacturer Fabbian.

Detail of Benjamin Hubert's 'Roofer' pendant lamp for Fabbian (IT)


The product is called ‘Roofer’ and not ‘Roof’ as a key player in the construction of the lamp is the user him- or himself. A selection of Marrakech-inspired coloured tiles, all the same size, plus various steel frames, allow the user to be part of the design process by customising the object.

The lamp's tiles are manufactured from silicone for flexibility and are translucent

The tiles are manufactured from a flexible silicone polymer, which permits them to be curved around the metal frames, while being translucent.

The user enters the design process by customising the lamp him- or herself

Group shot of Benjamin Hubert's 'Roofer' pendant lamps for Fabbian

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