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Wed 15.12.

‘Rock, Paper’ and ‘Terrazzo Candle Holders’ by Bakery (IL)

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Israeli design studio Bakery's 'Rock, Paper' lampshade, made of the non-woven fabric Smash, heat-pressed into the form of Jerusalem Stone

As part of the ‘Time 02’ group show during the recent inaugural Design Week in Jerusalem, Israeli design trio Bakery showed two new works.

The ‘Rock, Paper’ lampshade makes a direct reference to the controversial planning law in Jerusalem that stipulates the use of Jerusalem stone in building. Opponents claim that this stifles architectural creativity and diversity. Bakery’s piece consists of Smash, a non-woven fabric, heat-pressed into the texture of Jerusalem stone, which, ironically, also has the appearance of paper about it: light, temporary, delicate and translucent, all in contradistinction to stone. ‘The connection of a paper together with the stone aesthetics reflects our hopes for the future: a more delicate and light-filled Jerusalem,’ explain Gilli Kuchik, Ran Amitai and Gil Sheffi.

'Rock, Paper' lampshade by Israeli design studio Bakery

'Rock, Paper' lampshade by Israeli design studio Bakery

'Rock, Paper' lampshade by Israeli design studio Bakery

Bakery have also designed ‘Terrazzo Candle Holders’, which juxtapose an everyday flooring material (one that is very popular in Jerusalem) with a sacred form – the Sabbath candle holder. The special, non-everyday nature of the object is underscored by the use of gold, which sits in contrast to the prosaic terrazzo. With this piece, Bakery explain that they wanted to foreground ‘Jerusalem as a city of contradictions fused together: holiness and “everyday-ness”, new and old, simplicity and complexity, rich and poor.’

Bakery's 'Terrazzo Candle Holders' juxtapose an everday flooring material with the form of a sacred Sabbath object to highlight the contradictions that Jerusalem as a city embodies

'Terrazzo Candle Holders' by Israeli design studio Bakery

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