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Mon 17.2.

‘Puff’ light by Signe Hytte (DK)

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'Puff' light by Signe Hytte

‘Puff’ light by Signe Hytte

‘Puff’, by Signe Hytte, is a small table lamp with a blown opal glass diffuser that comes in two different heights and types of wood. A black fabric cord ends on the side of the cylindrical woodbase with a fine and discreet brass detail. Subtle details that are the signature of several works by Kristina Kjær and Signe Hytte, two upcoming furniture and product designers from Denmark, recent TEKO Design & Business School graduates, who exhibited their own individual designs at the recent 2014 Stockholm Furniture Fair.



Beret by Signe Hytte / Øivind Slaatto

Beret by Signe Hytte / Øivind Slaatto

Another is Beret, a stool. “Among the most humble furnitures in the home.” says Hytte. “The circular cushion adds comfort and gives the stool its identity and name: ‘Beret’. The cushion is attached under the wooden seat with a delicate leather detail.”


Balance by Kristina Kjær

Balance by Kristina Kjær

Balance by Kristina Kjær, is a small series of round blocks of various sizes with a small hollow in the bottom, “which means that they can be stacked on top of each other – even if it does not look that way.” says Kjær. “The Balance blocks are made for play and decoration.”


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