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‘Plus’ coat stand, ‘Arc’ mirror, ‘Ridge Kitchen’ by Visibility (US)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 02.06.2014 - Tagged as: , ,

'Arc' mirror by Visibility

‘Arc’ mirror by Visibility

New York City based Visibility, designers Sina Sohrab and Joseph Guerra, presented a series of products exploring the intersection of beauty and usefulness in the home at the Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition during NYCxDESIGN 2014.



'Arc' mirror detail by Visibility

‘Arc’ mirror detail by Visibility, the hole can receive a coat-hanger or towel, and the mirror itself mounts with a simple bracket

“The Arc Mirror is an object as intimate as the action it implies.” says Visibility. “It reflects the user while holding the objects that are part of the daily ritual. These objects are then emphasized by their own reflection which appears crystalline in the shelf space.”


Plus Coat Stand

Plus Coat Stand by Visibility, the horizontal ‘+’ at the top uses rubber caps to ensure that garments stay on, deviating in form from traditional hook employing coat stands

“The Plus Coat Stand uses the iconography of the ‘+’ and the ‘o’ signs to hang and to hold one’s coats and umbrellas. This object simplifies the process of arriving home, allowing for one place to gather one’s belongings. In the same way that the ‘+’ and the ‘o’ work together, so do the materials. The wood, steel and rubber form an efficient structure allowing for lightness to combine with usefulness.”


Ridge Kitchen collection

Ridge Kitchen collection by Visibility, the pitcher serves two cups of liquid, the grooves on the mortar and pestle are perfect for the twisting motion required in grinding and the grater is specifically meant for ginger and garlic, modeled after traditional Japanese porcelain graters

“Ridge Kitchen is a collection of porcelain tools for the kitchen. Made from a material true to the landscape of the kitchen, the surface conveys use through pattern and motion. This pattern acts as a visual and physical grip. The forms reference the language of the machine while being implemented into traditional kitchen products.”


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