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Fri 21.5.

News by Postfossil (CH) at DMY Berlin

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'Valet' by Anna Blattert/Postfossil

Postfossil is more than a label under which objects are created. ‘Post-Fossil’ is how the Swiss designers collective see the world after fossil energy sources are completely exhausted. With their silent yet meaningful pieces they re-interpret traditional processing and apply them to their aesthetically and qualitatively sustainable products. One of my favourites is the puristic and elegantly swung clothes-stand ‘Valet’ by the Zurich based designer Anna Blattert. You can just imagine it standing gentlemanly next to your bed keeping your clothes free from creases until the next morning.

“The traditional method of steam bending takes advantage of the characteristics of the solid wood and does not require any additives. The simple folding system allows quick setup and quick storing. The airing out of garments prevents having to wash them excessively and helps to save energy.” the designer explains.

'Valet' by Anna Blattert/Postfossil

About Postfossil:

“What is the aim of the young designers? The answer is simple: they want to raise awareness. Not with a megaphone, but rather with quiet, subtle remarks artfully incorporated into their objects. POSTFOSSIL’s intention is not to preach, only to ask questions and to look for answers in as public a way as possible, over and over again, in order to broaden design’s horizon and for it to fulfil its sustainable role. They want to encourage responsible interaction with resources and to encourage change on our part before the postfossil age changes us.”

'Reflect' chair and ottoman by Thomas Walde/Postfossil

“‘Reflect chair’, through its form, aims to encourage reflection and meditation which in this day and age is often suppressed by other activities. The reduction to structure and naked realisation activate the user and its thoughts. The size and high armrests inspired by Corbusier’s LC2 typologically bring to mind an easy chair, however, it does not allow for much more than to sit down in it, meditate or open a book. The element in front of it corresponds to an ottoman which can also be used as repository or as a stool.”

Postfossil collection 2010

The next station for the new Postfossil collection will be the DMY Festival in Berlin at the spectacular location of Tempelhof, Berlin’s former city airport.

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