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Tue 6.10.

‘New Veneer’ exhibition in Vienna by bkm and RoHol

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'New Veneer' by bkm

'New Veneer' by bkm in cooperation with RoHol

‘New Veneer’ is the new collection of furniture the Vienna-based practice bkm created in close cooperation with RoHol, a company in Upper Austria producing veneer panels. It is showcased at the Artmark Galerie within the Vienna Design Week.

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

“bkm develops its products through research, analytically, with a view to the concrete deficit of existing solutions. Exploration incorporates archetypes, roots from cultural history, and social developments. Also purposefully integrated is the heritage of design history.”

With ‘New Veneer’ bkm and RoHol developed various methods to change veneer surfaces and applied them to different types of storing furniture.

Meterial pattern by RoHol

Material pattern by RoHol

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

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