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Mon 18.10.

‘MUIRYO’ by Michael Kainhofer (AT)

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'MUIRYO' carries ten times its own weight, by Michael Kainhofer

This lightweight plywood table was created by the Austrian designer Michael Kainhofer. Using CNC-optimised production process the designer tried to use as less material as possible. The applied plywood is only a few millimeters thick, this limitation led to a construction principle which is similar to paper folding techniques.

'MUIRYO', by Michael Kainhofer

“By covering the table surface with synthetic leather and using a miter joint, it is possible to bend the desktop over the edges.
Even though the material is only 6.5 mm thick, the desk is still quite strong.
The strength is ensured by screwing the legs and side parts together – the construction gets sturdy by using tension”, Michael Kainhofer explains.

'MUIRYO' plywood table, by Michael Kainhofer

“When looking at the desk it always felt as if I was looking at an insect”, says the designer.
Because the desk is really lightweight and filigree but can carry ten times its own weight it was obvious to call it ant, or rather ‘MUIRYO’ – a modification of the old germanic word for ant.

'MUIRYO' by Michael Kainhofer

Material: birch plywood – 6.5mm, synthetic leather – different colours

Colours: black, white, green, orange, red, navy blue and many more …

Dimensions: height: 74cm, width: 120cm, depth: 74cm, weight: 8kg

'MUIRYO' assemby, by Michael Kainhofer

'MUIRYO' by Michael Kainhofer

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