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Mon 17.10.

Moscow Design Week: ‘Maps’ collection by SashaDasha Design (RU)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 17.10.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'Moscow Bowl' by SashaDasha Design presented during Moscow Design Week

Earlier last week, we have been invited to attend the second edition of Moscow Design Week and that’s where we have spotted this series of two bowls and a low table created by the Russian twin sister design duo, SashaDasha Design. Characterised by expressive, irregular lines and asymmetric forms, each of the lacquered-metal objects is in fact a meticulous, 3-dimensional depiction of the administrative district of one of the three European capitals: Moscow, Paris and Copenhagen.

'Moscow' bowl by SashaDasha Design

From the designers:


‘During the project research, many variations of the structure of the city were found, such as natural landscapes, historical developments, road networks, general plans of the city and districts. Bowl Moscow is also based on the administrative districts of the city, like the Paris Bowl. However, the city plans are different, therefore the structure is radically different.’

the intricate pattern of the bowl

'Moscow' bowl by SashaDasha Design

'Paris' bowl by SashaDasha Design

‘Each surface of the bowl is a district of Paris. The inner surface is engraved with information about the city’s districts.’

'Paris' bowl by SashaDasha Design

‘The underground scheme was taken as a basis for the module. By applying a kaleidoscope method to it, the copy and paste effect resulted in a structure which forms the basis/structure of the table. The table has been engraved with representations of the underground stations. Recognizable silhouettes are seen on the table, which represents the subway map of the city.’

'Copenhagen' table by SashaDasha Design

'Copenhagen' table by SashaDasha Design

The ‘Moscow’ bowl, along with SashaDasha’s latest table lamp design ‘Red Line’ were presented against a backdrop of exposed-brick walls at Russia’s first, recently-restored –°entre of Contemporary Art, Winzavod.

SashaDasha Design at this year's Moscow Design Week

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