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Thu 29.9.

‘Milky Star’ coatrack by Pudelskern (AT)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 29.09.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

the nearly-invisible hooks of the 'Milky Star' coatrack; photo by Markus Bstieler

Never the ones to follow the traditional canons of industrial design (soap table, anyone?) the young Austrian practice Pudelskern (whose name refers to a quote from Goethe‘s Faust: ‘Das also war des Pudels Kern!’ – a metaphor meaning ‘to find the core of a thing – the gist of the matter.’ ) have devised this ingenious ceramic coatrack called ‘Milky Star’.

'Milky Star' coatrack by Pudelskern; photo by Markus Bstieler

Resembling a minimalist version of a jigsaw puzzle, ‘Milky Star‘ is composed from a number of irregularly-shaped star-like modules, which interlock together, and only after a closer inspection, the spiky coat hooks are distinguishable. The outline of each unit allows different positions for the following piece and therefore provides a multitude of possible arrangements – ‘Milky Star’ can be used as an individual unit or as a repeatable object that can be assembled to a larger area.

Model, milk and 'Milky Star' coatrack by Pudelskern; photo by Markus Bstieler

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