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Tue 30.3.

Milan Preview: ‘Offset’ stool by Giorgio Biscaro (IT)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 30.03.2010 - Tagged as: , , , ,

'Offset' stool by Giogio Biscaro

The Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro will exhibit his most recent works at this year’s Salone Satelite within Milan’s Furniture Fair in April. One of them is the ‘Offset’ stool which once again demonstrates Giorgios principle of fragmenting and re-composition.

'Offset' stool by Giogio Biscaro

Here is what the designer explains:

“The item previewed here is Offset Stool. It’s the result of a deep research into bent plywood, its possibilities in furniture, and manufacturing process optimization.
Offset stool is obtained through the repetition of some plywood strips bent at the same angle, manufactured by the producer by bending a long, single sheet of plywood and then cutting it into pieces. These pieces are drilled and paired to three pantograph cut legs through three couples of little iron bars to avoid glueing and provide extra stiffness.”

'Offset' stool by Giogio Biscaro

“This construction method allows to minimize scraps, and quickens the production, since all strips are worked at the same time. Moreover, if the plywood seat has some flaws, you can throw it away without discarding a big piece of wood. Plywood is really little expensive, and this, combined with the easiness of production method (single radius bent, waste reduction and one-gesture mill) sets price really really low. Even packaging is light and minimal, since the disassembled stool can fit into a 43x21x8cm box, providing great storage. The main body is painted but the top of the seat remains natural, to show how it’s made.”

'Offset' stool by Giogio Biscaro

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