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Mon 28.3.

Milan Preview 2011: ‘Paddle’ task light by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian (IT)

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 28.03.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

Benjamin Hubert's new 'Paddle' task light for Italian manufacturer Fabbian

There’s no excuse to be up that proverbial creek without one. Strongly referencing not only the form of a canoe blade but also its 360-degree movement through water, young British designer Benjamin Hubert’s new ‘Paddle’ LED task lamp for Italian manufacturer Fabbian will be launched at Euroluce during next month’s Milan Salone del Mobile 2011.

Benjamin Hubert's new 'Paddle' task light for Fabbian, with ash-timber frame


With its emphasis on adjustability, the light affords maximum usability in different work environments. Its frame, available in either ash timber or lacquered aluminium, is designed to soften the high-brightness LED source, which is housed in the pressed-aluminium, paddle-shaped head.

Benjamin Hubert's new 'Paddle' task light for Fabbian

Detail of 'Paddle' task lamp by Benjamin Hubert

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Benjamin Hubert's new 'Paddle' task light for Fabbian; lacquered-aluminium frame