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Milan 2012: ‘Odd Couples’ exhibition by Massproductions (SE)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 07.05.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

Massproductions' 'Tio' chair along with objects which inspired the design; photo © Julia Hetta

During this year’s edition of Salone del Mobile fair, the young Swedish furniture brand Massproductions has presented its products in an exhibition setting where each of the designs was showcased along with an object, form or material which inspired it. Developed in collaboration with a sculptor and set designer Sahara Kleerup, ‘Odd Couples’ was on view between 17 – 22 April 2012 on Milan’s Via Varese 12 and the exhibition is now set to ‘tour the world’.

Illustration by the exhibition's set designer Sahara Widoff Kleerup; © Sahara Widoff Kleerup

More about the show:


‘In the three short years since its inception, the Massproductions catalogue has expanded to include the ten collections which are now in production. A collection comprises of anything between three and 76 products, each with its own common theme or material.


‘The Odd Couples exhibition breaks this logical organisation by displaying individual pieces of furniture together with an object which tells the story behind its design. Each pairing has been selected for aesthetic and sculptural reasons in an attempt to create a frisson between its two parts. Chris Martin has worked closely with set designer / sculptor Sahara Kleerup to create the exhibition. In connection to the exhibition Massproductions will launch a new family of sofas designed by Chris Martin.’

'Mega' sofa by Massproductions was inspired by a loaves of bread; photo © Julia Hetta

Massproductions' latest design - 'Mega' sofa by Chris Martin

About ‘Mega’:


‘ ‘I saw a rack of freshly baked loaves in the bakery close to our office. There was something about the risen bread against the metal wires that was instantly appealing and I wanted to transfer that sculptural idea to a sofa. Bread represents comfort, life and stability – perfect sentiments to include in a sofa!’ With thin steel tube side panels, which enclose and lift the plump cushions at the same time, The Mega Sofa offers superb comfort and sculptural expression in offices, hotels and homes. The Mega Sofa is available in our range of fabrics and leathers, in two-seater, three-seater and day bed versions.’

'Crown' easy chair by Massproductions' Chris Martin; photo © Julia Hetta

'Bit' side table along with objects which inspired the design; photo © Julia Hetta

'Waiter' chair was designed with waiting staff in mind; photo © Julia Hetta

'Sander' clear glass table by Massproductions; photp © Julia Hetta

'Jig' armchair by Massproductions' Chris Martin; photo © Julia Hetta

'Harry' stool by Massproductions references traditional Japanese joinery techniques and Torii shrine gates; photo © Julia Hetta

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