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Wed 9.5.

Milan 2012: ‘Musette’ table by Ionna Vautrin for De Vorm (NL)

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Ionna Vautrin's sketch for 'Musette'

Known for her penchant for subtle, pared-down and frequently round or soft-cornered forms, French designer Ionna Vautrin has created this simple multifunctional table-cum-storage-cum-tray for the Danish manufacturer De Vorm. Presented earlier in April at De Vorm’s exhibition in Zona Tortona’s Via Novi 5, ‘Musette’ has been inspired by ‘the oriental tables which are used during the tea ceremony’.

'Musette' by Ionna Vautrin for De Vorm

More about the design:


‘It is a duo of tables compound by a conical base and a generous circular tray. Like the oriental tea tables, the tray can exist independently from its base, and therefor turn the latter into a storage. Essential and playful, simple and useful, alone or as a family, it fits prominently into various environments.’

'Musette' by Ionna Vautrin for De Vorm

'Musette' by Ionna Vautrin for De Vorm

'Musette' tables by Ionna Vautrin for De Vorm at Salone del Mobile 2012; photo © Architonic

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