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Mon 7.5.

Milan 2012: ‘Duii mini’ lamp by Diesel with Foscarini (IT)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 07.05.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'Duii' lamp by Diesel with Foscarini

Continuing their ongoing collaboration initiated back in 2009, the famous clothing brand Diesel and the Italian lighting specialists Foscarini have realised a new collection of lamps. Comprising five new pendant, table and floor lamp designs, the series of novelties includes this small, jolly model ‘Duii mini’. Inspired by both: its namesake Disney character and a form of ‘the headlight of a classic car’, ‘Duii mini’ is available in two colours; bright yellow or dark grey and the design was presented earlier last month at the Temporary Museum For New Design in Superstudio Piu.

'Duii' lamp by Diesel with Foscarini

About ‘Duii mini’:


‘The instant appeal aroused by Duii has now been transferred into a mini version, designed to be used on the bedside table but also on the wall; it is also flexible due to the free cable and easy to transport. The pressed glass and metal diffuser stimulates fantasy and lends itself to different interpretations. In fact, as well as the headlights of a classic car, it also looks like a worker’s helmet, with a dive into the industrial world, or a shaved head with a single central crest, like a Mohican, the historical symbol of Diesel in its punk and rebel meaning. The lamp, which guarantees direct focused lighting, is best suited to a house with a young style.’

'Duii' lamp by Diesel with Foscarini

'Duii' lamp by Diesel with Foscarini

'Duii' lamp by Diesel with Foscarini at Milan's Salone del Mobile; photo © Architonic

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