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Fri 6.5.

Milan 2011: ‘Souvenir’ by Design Soil (JP)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 06.05.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'Cathedral' sofa table by Nobu Miake and Design Soil

‘Souvenir’ presented at this year’s Salone Satellite is a creative collaborative project by product design students and their professors exploring the concept of compact, dismantable design of contemporary furniture. The playful yet highly functional collection exhibited in Milan was cleverly realised by 11 students from Kobe Design University in Japan.

'Clytie' pouf by Saki Kitai and Design Soil

'Corker' stool by Akinori Tagashira and Design Soil

'Jutte' shelf by Masashi Motozutsumi and Design Soil

Disassembled 'Miter' sofa table by Nobuaki Takahashi and Design Soil

Disassembled 'Prop' shelf by Hiroyuki Ikeuchi and Design Soil

'Sewing' stool by Ryo Mitao and Design Soil

'Slash' coat stand by Kohdai Iwamoto and Design Soil

'Slide Me' coat stand by Yuki Matsumoto and Design Soil

'Trame' side table + shelf by Kengo Babata and Design Soil

'Trick' low table by Satoshi Nobekawa and Design Soil

The 'Souvenir' collection's assembly process

to Architonic’s Facebook picture gallery featuring the products’ assembly process


to Design Soil website

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