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Mon 18.4.

Milan 2011: ‘A piece of forest’ by Modern Times (SE) at Salone Satellite

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Made from reinforced paper pulp: 'A piece of forest' by Modern Times

DuraPulp is a bio-degradable, composite material invented by the Swedish manufacturer Södra. It is made from wood pulp and PLA (polyactic acid, a biologically degradable polymer produced from corn starch) and can be moulded or pressed into any thinkable shape. After being heated the material becomes stiff and durable. The Swedish manufacturer Wästberg already developed a lamp with this promising material and at this year’s Salone Satellite the young Swedish designers Rasmus Malbert and Johannes Tjernberg from Modern Times presented this series of lamps made from DuraPulp. ‘A piece of forest’ is composed of a variable number of hexagonal shingles which are mounted on the wall or on screen or set together to a collar of small lamps. The light source is a short LED strip, glued into the shells.

'A piece of forest' by Modern Times

Applied in three dimensions: 'A piece of forest' by Modern Times

to the Modern Times website

Video interview with Ola Rune, Claesson Koivisto Rune about the ‘w101′ lamp for Wästberg (SE)