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Mon 16.5.

Marset brings exclusivity and innovation to private banking

Posted by Walter Phillips on 16.05.2016 - Tagged as:

Photo courtesy Marset

Photo courtesy Marset

Architecture and interior design are strategic tools that also communicate brand values. In this case, the architect Stefano Colli has performed an exercise in rebranding a private bank in Spain, focusing on values like rigour, tradition, exclusivity and innovation.




Thanks to the use of carefully chosen furnishings and lights, a message is conveyed that expresses cultivated, solid stylistic values.




Lights like the Pleat Box, Nenúfar, Discocó, Cala, Neón de Luzand Hazy Day from the Marset collection create a clear discourse around the concept of exclusivity. They are timeless pieces whose value will remain unchanged over time.




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