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Fri 21.6.

‘Manzù’ chair by Pio Manzù for Alias (IT)

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'Manzù' chair by Pio Manzù for Alias

‘Manzù’ chair by Pio Manzù for Alias

Italian furniture brand Alias is re-editing the work of Pio Manzù, a protagonist of Italian automobile design during the sixties – and today considered an early pioneer of ergonomics – with ‘Manzù’ a prototype chair and a new accompanying footrest.



'Manzù' chair footrest for Alias

‘Manzù’ chair footrest for Alias

“The idea materialised at the GAMeC of Bergamo where the archives of Pio Manzù’s work are stored.” says Alias. “It is here that Renato Staffaucher and the designer’s son, Giacomo Manzoni, met in 2010. Together they studied sketches, projects and materials until their attention was drawn to a prototype chair designed for the Rinascente department store, clearly taking its inspiration from the automobile industry.”


'Manzù' chair by Pio Manzù for Alias

‘Manzù’ chair by Pio Manzù for Alias

“This journey of culture and design has given Alias the opportunity to discover a deeprooted affinity with the historical figure of Pio Manzù. One of the first designers to have conceived the man-machine relationship beyond mere function, considering aspects of safety and well-being, Manzù’s uncompromising approach to design and his familiarity with technology made him a genuine pioneer in the sphere of ergonomics.”


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