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Mon 21.6.

Luxury hotel “Grotte della Civita” (I)

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The UNESCO World Heritage site "Sassi di Matera"

The luxury hotel “Grotte della Civita“ is located close to one of the oldest settlements of mankind: Sassi di Matera are cave dwellings hewn into the rocks of the Gravina River Valley, close to Bari, Italy. The village next to the UNESCO world heritage site of the ancient caves has been deserted for some time, and the hotel project has been realised right at its centre.

The deserted village close to "Sassi di Matera"

The conversion of its church into a luxury hotel has been designed by is part of a scheme that aims to revitalise mountain villages in the Southern Apennines. “Grotte della Civita“ offers all the amenities of a hotel of its class, yet at the same time guests inhabit an archaic, almost monastery-like space. Stunning perspectives, the original hand-hewn church building blocks, and some dramatic illumination make for magical moments at this extraordinary hotel.

Magical illumination of the former church's dramatic spaces

One of the rooms, an apalling mix of ascetic and royal styles

Light and shadow create dramatic contrasts

Modern design is not far away from the minimal style of monasteries

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