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Fri 21.10.

Lodz Design Festival 2011: ‘Porcelain’ by Thibaut Godard (FR)

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'Porcelain' by Thibaut Godard has won the main award in the 'make me!' contest

Thibaut Godard is a young French designer and recent l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique graduate who earlier today has been awarded the first prize in the fourth edition ‘make me!’ contest at Poland’s Lodz Design Festival. Called ‘Porcelain’, Godard’s winning project consist of nine simple phials or phial-like wine bottles made of milky-white porcelain, elegantly packaged in equally minimalist box. Organised by Lodz Art Center, the competition was open to any young designer who at the time of entering the contest was not younger than 20 and not older than 30 years old.

'Porcelain' by Thibaut Godard

'Porcelain' by Thibaut Godard

More about ‘Porcelain’:


‘This range comes with a box containing nine tasting phials in order to taste each wine in small quantities. Whether on the bottles or phials, one letter of the word “Porcelain”, corresponding to a specific wine, is affixed to each container. Porcelain also offers a new mode of operation : it does not lead over the bottle but it breaks the neck. In this project, the porcelain is used to communicate all the values of wine (knowledge, heritage, tradition, human values) without the label can become simpler and more modern.’

'Porcelain' by Thibaut Godard

‘The jury especially appreciated the creative way of labelling and perfect communication with a client through a beautifully made and thought-over product. The award was presented by Lukasz Kardas – Trading Vice-president of Ceramika Paradyz.’

'Porcelain' by Thibaut Godard

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