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Wed 27.6.

Lighting and all its co-creation possibilities

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 27.06.2012 - Tagged as: , , , ,

Puck WallArt, designed by Jordi vilardell for Vibia

Imagine the lamp of your dreams. That perfect piece of light and decoration missing from that special room or project (let’s say, the living room, or maybe the garden, it’s your call). Now, picture yourself modeling it, so that it fits perfectly into the space, just like a tailor made suit.


Modular lighting systems allow doing just that: customisable lighting fixtures, different pieces, multiple combinations to come up with unique lighting solutions. It’s all about creating lighting with a purpose.


Great examples are Vibia’s new CREA collections:

Ameba, designed by Pete Sans for Vibia

Ameba by Pete Sans: a pendant concept made of 5 different basic shapes that fit perfectly and can be combined to offer an unlimited range of compositions.

Origami, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vibia

Origami by Ramón Esteve: Ideal both for indoor & outdoor, each fixture includes IP65-rated settings. Two pieces using a single connection point.

Rhythm, designed by Arik Levy for Vibia

Rhythm by Arik Levy: composed of different sticker modules, each one capable of rotating on an axis and be positioned at the desired angle. The result is a design concept that is both harmonic and disruptive at the same time, creating a hypnotic balance.

Halo, designed by Martín Azua for Vibia

Halo by Martín Azua: creates light in a subtle, magical way; an element, either circular or linear, that blends naturally into the environment.

Link, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vibia

Link XXL by Ramón Esteve: consists of 4 modules in different sizes and heights, which connect to one another, to offer a wide range of geometries perfectly fitting into the architecture of the ceiling.

Match, designed by Jordi Vilardell for Vibia

Match by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal: thin rods of aluminum and LED light terminals, forming a light sculpture that illuminates central themes of space and interior decoration.

Fold, designed by Arik Levy for Vibia

Fold by Arik Levy: Monochromatic or colourful LED fixtures in a folded-paper motif (build in & surface applications available)



Now that you know the fixtures, it’s time to get creative, to experiment with lighting and all its co-creation possibilities.The CREA AWARDS, an initiative sponsored by Vibia in cooperation with Architonic, invites professionals in the fields of interior design, architecture, project development, product & lighting design to create renders of spaces which are illuminated by Vibia collections (simulations). The reward includes 40.000€ in prizes.To participate, just enter www.vibia.com/creaawards.


The deadline to submit projects is July 10.


view the Vibia collections on Architonic

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Lighting and all its co-creation possibilities