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I) General terms of business for the use of the

website Architonic AG, Version 01/2009


1. Area of application

As a user of, the website of Architonic AG, and all the websites and internet services (Newsletter, downloads, links) connected with it, you recognise the following general terms of business (terms of business for online use) and the warranty and liability restrictions which are defined below. Architonic AG expressly reserves the right. without prior notice, to modify, supplement, or delete parts of the web pages or the entire service, or to close down the domain. These terms of business for online use should be referred to from time to time. If any individual formulations of these terms of business for online use do not comply, no longer comply or do not comply fully with the applicable legal regulations, this will not affect the contents or validity of the remaining parts of these terms of business.


2. Information on and use of the website

Architonic AG does not guarantee that the internet service will be available online at all times. This applies in particular to interference, interruptions or the possible breakdown of the internet site. As a user you recognise that the contents of, in particular text, pictorial, video and sound material of all kinds, as well as the naming of manufacturers and auction houses, are protected under the laws on copyright, patent, trademark, branding, design, company, industrial property and/or other legal protection. It is not permitted to users, either for their own or for outside commercial purposes, to copy, exploit, distribute or publish any part of the contents of, or to use such contents for other purposes. In particular it is forbidden to change or remove logos, brand names, product or design names, references to copyright or other details from the contents. The website contains non-binding information which is in no respect part of the terms of business. Product advice, professional advice and reliable information must always be obtained from the relevant manufacturer or specialist dealer. Any references to products and services, together with outside textual contributions, are prepared carefully in order to provide to provide our customers with valuable information. In cases where the contents and data in the information service are derived from third parties, Architonic AG takes all the usual steps in order to make sure that the information is correct and up to date. However, if any of the data is found to be incorrect users are requested to inform Architonic AG without delay.


3. Warranty and liability restrictions

Architonic AG accepts no liability and provides no warranty of any kind that the contents and data will be correct, complete and up-to-date. Accordingly Architonic AG accepts no liability for any damage which may result from the use of the website, including the download and use of files contained on the site. This applies in particular to any damage which results from any reliance on the contents and data which are published in the internet service provided by Architonic AG. Architonic AG expressly rejects any liability for links (so-called ‘hyperlinks’) to the websites of third parties and for the correct functioning of such links. This also applies in such cases where the links are provided with comments. In the inclusion of links which refer to websites outside of Architonic AG takes all reasonable care to ensure that such sites do not contain illegal contents at the time the link is created. Architonic AG has no influence to the further development of these websites and hereby distances itself from any illegal content which may appear at a later date. No liability is accepted for any loss of profit, failure of performance of any kind on the part of the internet, misuse by third parties or loss of programmes or other data in the user’s information systems. This also applies if there is reference to the possibility of such damage on the website.


4. Data protection

The personal data which is received from users in the course of the Architonic AG information and communication services, together with the Infoservice (newsletter), in applications (apply) or in other ways is recorded and processed by Architonic AG. Architonic AG will use the data which is provided in order to supply its registered users with the required information and to improve its own services by analysing the data of its users and the use they make of the Architonic services. Architonic AG hereby assures users that all personal data will be handled in the strictest confidence and will not be made available to third parties. Swiss regulations on data protection are strictly complied with. The transmission of data to third parties will only take place if express reference is made to this option as part of the relevant function of the service provided (e.g. in product enquiries or if a user makes an enquiry to a particular manufacturer regarding a catalogue).


5. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The use of the website is subject exclusively to the substantive law of Switzerland. The sole place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the use of the website is Zurich, Switzerland.



II) General terms of business for contribution of content to the

website Architonic AG, Version 01/2014

By submitting any content, e.g. data, images, trademarks, texts, blueprints, videos, etc., (hereafter “Content”) for publication on Dailytonic to Architonic AG (hereafter “Architonic”) you (hereafter the “Contributor”) agree to the following Conditions:


The submission of Content shall in all events (publication on Dailytonic or on other platforms, publication with cost or for free, partial publication etc.) be without any remuneration by Architonic to the Contributor.


Architonic shall be under no obligation to save, store or return submitted Content or parts thereof.


Submissions of Content by the Contributor are, in the first instance, intended for posting on Dailytonic ( Additionally, Architonic may at its sole discretion publish Content or parts thereof on selected websites (e.g.,, etc.), in Architonic Newletters, through social media channels (e.g. Facebook), in apps, and on websites and communications platforms operated by Architonic or by partners and customers of Architonic.


For these purposes and to the extent necessary for the said publications and uses of the Content the Contributor grants Architonic all the rights for the publication and use of the Content in particular the intellectual property rights to reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, edit, save and retrieve in a database and grants a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence, which covers the right to modify, supplement and translate the Content, to link such Content with other content, and to mention company and individual names in connection with the publication of the Content. 
Insofar as necessary for the publication on Dailytonic, Architonic may sublicense the granted rights or transfer the granted rights to third parties.


The Contributor further confirms and warrants:


(a) that he has the full rights to approve the said publications and uses of the Content, in particular as the sole owner of all intellectual property rights and further rights, or that he has received the necessary approvals from all owners of such rights,

(b) that the said publications and uses of the Content do not infringe the rights and contractual claims of any third party, and that the rights of third parties in the Content (in particular co-owners of the rights, photographers, journalists etc.), including references and mentioning of names, have been fully compensated,

(c) that the said publications and uses of the Content comply with all applicable legal provisions, rules and regulations,

(d) that the Contributor assumes full liability in connection with the said publications and uses of the Content and will keep Architonic free and at least fully indemnified (including court and lawyers fees) of any claims by third parties or governmental actions on any legal grounds whatsoever.


Architonic retains full editorial control of Dailytonic and is under no obligation to publish Content or parts thereof at all or by a certain date, and reserves the right, for whatever reason, to discontinue the publication of Content.
 is a project of Architonic



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