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Fri 30.7.

‘Kalotte’ by Sebastian Summa for Hugo Bräuer Metallwaren (DE)

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'Kalotte' by Sebastian Summa for Hugo Bräuer Metallwaren

By means of its relatively simple and artless old buildings one can see that Neukölln, since a few year’s one of the hippest quarters of Berlin, used to be a typical worker’s house area with many workshops and lots of small-scale industry once.

Some of these old workshops survived and with the help of some Berlin based designers one of them was even able to draw attention to a trade which has almost disappeared behind the globalised market. Together with the industrial designer Sebastian Summa, who is trained as a blacksmith and graduated at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the 100 year’s old family owned metal spinning workshop Hugo Bräuer Metalware developed this beautiful series of suspension lamps.

Metal spun 'Kalotte' by Sebastian Summa

“‘Kalotte’ is a flowing form in the tradition of 50ies metalworked lighting. Yet, in the case of this lamp, two shades turned at a 90 angle fuse into a new form, breaking with the familiar image of a vertically hanging lamp. The lateral light and cable orientation additionally emphasize the reorientation in space”, the designer explains.

Produced in a 100 year's old workshop in Berlin-Neukölln, 'Kalotte' by Sebastian Summa

'Kalotte' by Sebastian Summa for Hugo Bräuer Metallwaren

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