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Integer Bamboo House by Oval Partnership (CN)

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Integer Bamboo House by Oval Partnership

The Hong Kong-based multi-disciplinary practice specilising in sustainable lifestyle projects Oval Partnership has realised this two-storey bamboo house located in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. The world’s first multi-storey house developed in this fast-growing environmentally friendly natural material, Integer Bamboo has a light, highly durable structure which has been designed specifically for the hilly region of western China.

Integer Bamboo House by Oval Partnership

From Oval Internship:


‘The reason why bamboo is used is that it is probably the most ecological building material around, having a growth cycle of four years, and absorbs carbon dioxide in its lifetime. Bamboo can be grown almost anywhere in China. Bamboo structure is light and, as a result, more effective in resisting earthquake than heavy concrete structure. The bamboo house can be constructed by local villagers without the need for heavy and expensive construction equipment. The technology used in the Kunming INTEGER bamboo house is based on a rain screen system and sandwich panels which provides very high thermal insulation value. The potential of this technology is immense. It can provide an affordable and ecological way of building for the new townships and villages in China.
‘The Oval Partnership carries out this action research and technology transfer project with the scientists and engineers from the local academic institutions, including the Kunming University of Science and Technology.’

Natural, sustainable and widely-available, bamboo has been used as a construction material for centuries

The light-yet-strong bamboo structure of the house is effective in withstanding earthquakes and hurricane-force winds

Bamboo has also been incorporated in the simple neutral interior of the house

Integer Bamboo House by Oval Partnership

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