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Thu 23.2.

‘Ike’ stool by Studio Dreimann (DE)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 23.02.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

Detail view of 'Ike' stools by Studio Dreimann

Hannover-based design practice Studio Dreimann, whose elegant and functional coffee table ‘Little Ben’ was featured on Dailytonic in August last year, have recently unveiled their next product, similarly simple and refined stool, ‘Ike’. Made of circular, polished oak seat and a split steel pipe which serves as a leg of the design, the height-adjustable ‘Ike’ has been launched at Greenhouse during this year’s edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair.

'Ike' oak stool by Studio Dreimann

More about the design:


‘The idea for the construction of this handy, simple stool “Ike” was a bursted pipe. The foot is a steel pipe which is cut three times and then bent by a machine. The seat is made from oak and then screwed with a thread, a small hole allows to rotate the seat rapidly up and down with your finger. A challenge during the bending process was to get the right proportions between the foot and the seat in line and still guarantee stability.’

Various colour versions of 'Ike' stool by Studio Dreimann

'Ike' stool by Studio Dreimann

'Ike' stool by Studio Dreimann

Making of 'Ike' stool by Studio Dreimann

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