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Tue 17.6.

‘Hurricane’, ‘Skirt’ tables and ‘Miao’ cabinet by Reinier Bosch (NL)

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'Hurricane' table by Reinier Bosch

‘Hurricane’ table by Reinier Bosch

Dutch designer Reinier Bosch aims to pay homage to the traditional hand-woven fabrics, pleated skirts, and tribal culture of the Miao people, a minority group in southern China, with a series of furnishings for the Pearl Lam Gallery.



'Hurricane' and 'Skirt' tables by Reinier Bosch

‘Hurricane’ and ‘Skirt’ tables by Reinier Bosch

“He began to conceive these works before graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007.” says Studio Reinier Bosch. “Bosch wanted to explore China’s big cities and rural areas to gain a broader perspective on the entire country, which led him to the remote villages of the Miao tribe. He returned in 2011 upon being invited by Pearl Lam Design, and was surprised by how the government was transforming once quiet villages into tourist attractions.”


'Skirt' table tap by Reinier Bosch

‘Skirt’ table tap by Reinier Bosch

“His cabinets are inspired by the structure of Miao houses, as well as Shanghai skyscrapers. The shape of Miao skirt pleats are incorporated into his aluminum table and steel mirror designs.”


'Miao' cabinet by Reinier Bosch

‘Miao’ cabinet by Reinier Bosch


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