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Tue 1.9.

‘House On The Water’ by Le 2 Workshop (PL)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 01.09.2009 - Tagged as: , , ,

'House on the Water' by formodesign

‘House on the Water’ by by Le 2 Workshop

The two Polish architects Jedrzej Lewandowski and Lukasz Skirzynski of Le 2 Workshop recently presented their proposal for a ‘House on the Water’. The extraordinary design of the self-sufficient two familiy house was a result of research on yacht architecture. “The core is made of concrete and combined with steel cantilever structures. The foundation for the house is a concrete counterweight foot stabilised with the sea bed pile system”, the architects explain.

Cantilever steel structure

Cantilever steel structure

Here some explanations of the architects:

“The white look is achieved by the use of Corian. The floating deck, which rises with the water level thanks to the railing installed in the core structure, leads to the stairway. The top deck is available for the residents as well.

Eco-friendly features like the water desalination, energy accumulation, ventilation methods, water recycling, heat and energy consumption, tidal and solar energy systems are all there. The ‘House on the Water’ was designed to be sustainable. It is not only the installations, but it’s form and sun orientation. Vertical lines on the facade are the rails for computer driven shading system.”

'House on the Water' by formodesign

‘House on the Water’ by Le 2 Workshop

Inside the 'House on the Water'

Inside the ‘House on the Water’

Insipred by yacht architecture

Inspired by yacht architecture

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