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Mon 21.3.

‘Hosting Parasites’ – organic jewellery by Kathy Ludwig (DE) at Galerie BSL

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"Inspired by parasites which slip beneath the skin" - finger ring made from wire and porcelain, by Kathy Ludwig

With her highly conceptual graduation project the German born and Eindhoven based designer Kathy Ludwig blends decorative and pleasant aspects of classical jewellery with emotional, even nauseous, perceptions towards parasitic insects, funguses etc. Her organic body decorations are now in production by the Paris based Galerie BSL in a limited edition of 8.

'Hosting Parasites' by Kathy Ludwig

“‘Hosting Parasites’ consists of three smoked oak cabinets of curiosities. Each of these presentation cases contains latex, ivory, fabric, silver and porcelain objects for experimenting with, which inhabit the user’s body/support, leaving behind its imprint or fusing with it.”

Leave an imprint of the parasite on the flesh: 'Hosting Parasites' by Kathy Ludwig

Embody the vampiric aspect of a relationship: Latex leeches leave a red mark on the body like sucking parasites

Sucking parasites by Kathy Ludwig

The parasitic bodies blend with the rest of the hand, the thirs series of parasites by Kathy Ludwig

'Hosting Parasites' by Kathy Ludwig

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