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Fri 5.8.

Hole Lot of Sense: smart uses for perforated façades and partitions

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 05.08.2011 - Tagged as: , ,

Orange Cube by Jakob + Macfarlane; photo: Roland Halbe

Perforated walls, panels and screens have been used for centuries as a way to control the level of light entering a building or to offer privacy to the occupants. The functions of perforations have remained largely the same, but the materials and methods of manufacture have altered considerably. No longer cut or carved by hand, developments in computer-controlled technologies mean that detailed patterns can now be quickly and easily etched into various materials for interior or exterior use. Architonic looks at some recent projects demonstrating the contemporary effects that can be achieved using perforated materials. (by Alyn Griffiths)


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