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Tue 17.8.

‘Harmonia 57’ by Triptyque Architecture (BR)

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'Harmonia 57', photo by Leonardo Finotti

The Sao Paulo based practice Triptyque Architecture recently unveiled this contorted studio in the heart of an artistic neighborhood in their hometown. Its facade is characterised by a comprehensive tube-system where the rain and soil water are drained, treated and reused, creating a complex ecosystem.

'Harmonia 57', photo by Leonardo Finotti

Here some words of the architects:

“The project’s core is exposed in its façade. The irrigation pipelines that serve the whole building, along with the pumps and the water treatment system, embrace the outer walls like veins and arteries of a body, as if the construction had been designed inside out. This contrasts with the inside part which offers a clean and minimalistic aspect.

The two big blocks full of vegetation, are interconnected by a metallic bridge with concrete terraces and glass windows and railings. In order to create a dialogue between the street and the building, the terraces are spread on each floor giving birth to an analytical visual game between the two volumes.”

'Harmonia 57', photo by Leonardo Finotti

“The frontal block is completely suspended, and floats on pilotis, while the back block is solidly on the ground, complemented by a bird shaped volume on top of it.

This project, organized around a plot, functions as a neutral and primitive basis, pierced with spaced out pores that house different types of plants. The façade’s aesthetics evolving and heterogeneous, will, in time assume different forms and colors.

Contrasting with the rough vegetation exterior, the internal spaces of the building have smooth and monochromatic surfaces, with decks and patios, interrupted by protruding concrete lips that frame the skyline of Vila Madalena.”

'Harmonia 57', photo by Fran Parente

'Harmonia 57', photo by Fran Parente

'Harmonia 57', photo by Nelson Kon

Design team:
Architects : TRIPTYQUE – Greg Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud e Olivier Raffaelli

Laura Bigliassi, Isabella Gebara, Tiago Guimarães, Felipe Hess, Bob Van den Brande, Flavio Miranda, Renata Pedrosa, Marc, Roca Bravo, Bruno Simões, Filipe Troncon

Project partners:
Landscaper: Peter Webb
Constructor : Bassani + BGF
Consultant: Aparecido Donizete Dias Flausino + Guilherme Castanha (Hidraulique, HQE)
Hydraulic Engeneer: Guilherme Castanha
Metalic Structures: Planmetal
Structure: Rika / Eng. Rioske Kanno
Air Conditioning: Disarcon

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