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Wed 29.2.

‘Happy Pills’ vases by Fabio Novembre for Venini (IT)

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'Happy Pills' vases by Fabio Novembre for Venini

Italian designer Fabio Novembre imbued his latest collection of vases with happiness by attributing each of the five brightly-coloured pieces to a different chemical compound. Developed in collaboration with Murano glass specialists Venini, the ‘Happy Pills’ vases have been produced using the centuries-old Incalmo hand-blowing technique, originally invented more than 500 years ago by dexterous Venetian glassblowers who developed it to create objects consisting of two or more distinct parts in different colours.

'Phenylethylamine' vase by Fabio Novembre for Venini

Completed earlier this month, the collection comprises five capsule-shaped vases composed of two contrasting parts. Each of the pieces has been named after a different hormone whose molecular formula is engraved on the base part of the design: Testosterone (azure + straw yellow), Estrogen (purple + straw yellow) , Phenylethylamine (black + orange), Adrenalin (red + grass green) and Oxytocin (ivory + amber yellow).

Detail view of the 'Oxytocin' vase from the 'Happy Pills' collection

More about ‘Happy Pills’ in Fabio Novembre’s own words:


‘Usefulness is a concept that more and more fades away among the objects surrounding us. What we expect from these silent friends is to keep us company, make us laugh or in the best option, excite us.Hormonal chemistry influenced by material chemistry.Happy Pills are a placebo coming from Murano that, with shapes and colors, would substitute pharmacological solutions.’


“Blue pill or red pill?” The Matrix (1999)

'Oxytocin' Murano glass vase by Fabio Novembre

'Happy Pills' blown glass vases by Fabio Novembre for Venini

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