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Fri 20.4.

‘Hallo’ lights by 45 Kilo (D)

Posted by Susanne Fritz on 20.04.2012 - Tagged as: ,

'Hallo Work' wall mounted light by 45 Kilo

The ‘Hallo’ series, presented by 45 Kilo at the ongoing Salone Satellite 2012 in Milan, is a pair of two wall mounted lights called ‘Hallo Work’ and ‘Hallo Wall’ and are made for working situations where an adjustable top-down light is needed.


Hallo Work has a clever detail which fascinates by its simplicity and functionality: the adjusting mechanism is a simple strap of leather, that can be moved along the arm to change the height, which gives the technical object a slightly improvised touch and makes it clever and witty.

The smaller brother of ‘Hallo Work’ is ‘Hallo Wall’, which is designed for installations on top of wall outlets and works well above kitchen worktops.


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'Hallo Work' wall mounted light by 45 Kilo

'Hallo Work' wall mounted light by 45 Kilo