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Tue 20.9.

Habitat Valencia 2011: ‘Nort’ table and ‘Beo’ lamp by Estudio Estres (ES)

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'Nort' side table by the Valencian Estudio Estres

We’re currently in the beautiful, sun-drenched city of Valencia at Feria Hábitat Valencia 2011 – an annual design fair, which this year attracted some 950 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. And while the industry heavyweights present their relatively recent products from across the furniture, lighting and textile sectors, an impressive number of 40 recent graduates and young, up-and-coming design practices, showcase their talent with an array of innovative, at times surprising, products and prototypes at the coinciding nude (Nuevo Diseño Español) exhibition.

'Nort' side table by Estudio Estres

Among those selected for this year’s 10th edition of the show is the trio of young Valencian designers

José Gómez, Héctor Muñoz and José Ramón Tarazona of Estudio Estres. Exhibiting at nude for the third consecutive year, today Estudio Estres have come back with a new concept of material combinations, which resulted in the creation of these two, recently-realised designs: an ash side table ‘Nort’ and a ceramic lamp called ‘Beo’.

'Nort' side table by Estudio Estres

Here’s what Estudio Estres say about their designs:


‘Built out of ash wood solid board and phenolic chestnut plywood board, the two pieces that act as table legs fit together in the shape of a cross. A glossy ceramic disc rests on top and a round-shaped board finishes of this peculiar table. Its ceramic touches bestow Nort a special distinction, always following Estres’ leitmotiv of mixing materials. The design originates from a planar net where all of its pieces evolve from the same 1,5 cm thick board, fact that helps cutting off production and distribution costs’

'Beo' lamp by Estudio Estres

‘Beo is an ambience lamp that plays with the lightness of its aesthetics and at the time with heavy materials. It arises from the necessity of showing a wide range of morphologies and their relationships with light. This allows for the emphasis of the distinct particular properties of each different material included in the product. Its evanescent presence characterized by its slim profile, its wide diameter and the visual impact of the with ceramic tulip contrasts with the use of heavy materials such as concrete.’

the concrete version of the lamp

‘It includes two pieces: a disc that comes in 3 different finishes – cork, concrete and ash wood-; and a wide circular screen made out of glossy ceramic. This new lamp concept lacks ironworks and thus keeps the pieces in place using their own weight. The concrete herein used is environmental friendly, in collaboration with Tecnalia Reserah & Innovation.’

the cork version of 'Beo'


to Estudio Estres’ website



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