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Thu 27.5.

‘Gymnasium’ by Søren Rose for Mater (DK)

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Mater collection

The most obvious way to produce sustainable and eco-friendly furniture is still the ‘old fashioned’ way – local materials and high quality locally manufactured. The Danish manufacturer Mater pays tribute to the ‘simpler time in our lives’. In 2008 it created together with Copenhagen based designer Søren Rose the ‘High School History Lesson’ series – a limited edition of furniture produced from recycled gym floorboards. With ‘Gymnasium’ they launched a mass-produced series that uses renewable pine and controlled Danish oak with water-based fixatives and varnishes. All pieces are manufactured by Denmark’s oldest cabinet makers Bruno Hansen carpentry.

'Gymnasium' oak edition

“Like its predecessor, Gymnasium honors its past while investing in the future. For every piece purchased, mater donates a percentage of the profits to promoting sports in developing countries, allowing a new generation to be inspired to play and create… For every one of the million of products we use to improve the quality of our lives, there are associated environmental, ethical and social consequences. while some products have a small environmental bearing, others consume finite resources in vast quantities and are produced under conditions of labour abuse and environmental damage.”

'Gymnasium' pine edition

'Gymnasium' old edition

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