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Mon 11.10.

Freak Show: Strategies for (Dis)engagement in Design at HELMRINDERKNECHT (DE)

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El Ultimo Grito refelcts on “How contemporary culture incorporates, re-uses and re-interprets the systems and structures that it has inherited”, 'Peckham Shield', 2010

The well-known internationally active design author and critic Sophie Lovell curated the next group exhibition ‘Freak Show’ at the Berlin design gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT featuring objects by designers such as El Ultimo Grito, Martí Guixé, Kueng Caputo and others – all “freaks” that are confronting us with our deadlocked expectations of design. The showcased objects reflect the designers thoughts and doubts about social, theoretical and methodical norms.

New "aesthetic preconceptions in our visually orientated culture", 'Centaurus Chair', 2009 by Martí Guixé at HELMRINDERKNECHT

“Our survival depends upon diversification through mutation. We need conceptual thinkers, lateral thinkers, revolutionaries, explorers, inventors, anarchists, activists, cross-disciplinarians and non-linear agenda-benders” (Sophie Lovell)

The Swiss newcomers Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo, 'Dolce Vita', 2010

"French designer Mathieu Lehanneur explores the interfaces between the techno- and biospheres to discover new functional potentials", 'Age du Japon', 2009

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau use design to comment on: “consumer culture, the role of products and the ubiquity of technology”, 'Lamp Shape Robot', 2009

"The British designer Stuart Haygarth (UK) works with found objects and the translation of meaning to create poignant and poetic new, one-off pieces."


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Freak Show: Strategies for (Dis)engagement in Design at HELMRINDERKNECHT (DE)